• Ethiopia: where coffee is a ceremony


Inside Travel currently offers trips to 3 different countries. Other destinations are in preparation. Please chose below the country you are interested in.

Ethiopia Ethiopia: Where coffee is a ceremony
Ethiopia is the origin country of coffee. But for Ethiopian people, coffee is much more than a drink. Be the guest of local people and find out more, what coffee means for your host. Read More
Bulgaria Bulgaria: Where wine and honey flow
When it comes to food and drinks, Bulgaria has quite something to offer: The Thracians, the forefathers of today’s Bulgaria, are considered to be the inventors of the wine. Anyhow, the countries biggest treasure are its hospitable people and will meet many of them during our trips. Read More
Kenya Kenya: Where Safari is more than wild animals
In the local language Swahili, “Safari” simply means “journey”. And even though you will also see animals our trips to Kenya, to longest lasting impression will certainly be the encounters you can have with amazing local people there. Read More

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