Explore Ethiopia


Meeting people, experience every day life, discover origins: On our trips we will take you to the heart of Ethiopia and explore its capital and three different regions in the south of the country. You will get the authentic insights away from classic touristic sights. You will have the chance to exchange with local people and learn about their lived culture.

  • Get to know people and their every day life in Addis Ababa
  • Accept the challenge and get along in a playful way in Addis Ababa on your own.
  • Spend 3 days in a local village, where you will experience the daily tasks, which you can try them out yourself
  • Travel to Arba Minch and visit Nech-Saar National park. Spend half a day in a school in the nearby town of Gidole.
  • Enjoy the beautiful landscape and the hospitality of the local people

At the moment we do not have a concrete programme for Ethiopia. Please, contact us directly if you want to learn more about our trips: info@insidetravel.ch

Kenya: Exhcange trip into the heart of Africa

We will take you to Nairobi and show you the country in a different way. We will travel north, meet you with interesting people and show you their everyday life through their eyes. On the way we get the chance to try out different activities ourselves and to discover the country with all our senses.

  • Spend time with a local family
  • Get to know a local communities
  • Picking tea do-it-yourself: Learn everything about tea and where it comes from
  • Get to know the Samburu women and their life
  • Explore the wild animals life in different National Parks
  • Please, contact us, if you want to know more about our offers: info@insidetravel.ch

Bulgaria: Wine, roses and rich history


Bulgaria is the rose of the Balkans, not only because of the beauty of its landscape and the different smells, but also because the country is the world’s leading exporter of perfume roses. “Harvesting” time is exactly in May and June, so that we will get a chance to get a live experience of the harvesting and the processing of  the flowers. On our trip from the capital Sofia to the east of the country, we will furthermore learn a lot about the history of the country, enjoy the mountains and nature and of course all the time meet amazing people and learn something about their every day life.

  • Try out traditional handicrafts
  • In the home lands of Orpheus: hiking in the mountains or exploring caves
  • The rose valley: Try yourself how the harvesting woks and how the roses are processed
  • Discover the culture city of Plovdiv
  • Getting into every day life of a local farmer.
  • Of course we are happy, too to answer all your questions and to consult you concerning a trip to Bulgaria: info@insidetravel.ch

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