• Bulgaria: where wine and honey flow

Bulgaria: Overview

In the ancient times, the Thracians, the forefathers of present-day Bulgarians, were considered to be the best wine makers in the world. It is therefore not surprising that – even though not so well known in Europe – still today Bulgaria produces excellent wines of well know grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Shyraz but also from local grapes like Mavrud and Melnik. But Bulgaria is not only a paradise for wine aficionados, but for everybody who loves to enjoy authentic food produced locally: yoghurt, honey, cheese, fruits and vegetables or local meat specialities…
Bulgaria also is a country of great geographic diversity: starting from the capital Sofia you can discover the Rhodope Mountains, the home of Orpheus, which are a paradise for outdoor activities like hiking or horse riding. Continue to the Thracian lowlands, where you can find relicts from various ages every now and then. And arrive finally at the black sea with its historic towns and “Mediterranean” atmosphere.
Even though the country is like the promised land for all those who love nature and culture: Bulgaria’s greatest treasure is its hospitable population. On a trip with Inside Travel, you will meet many different local personalities, you will discuss, learn something about their life and always feel more like a guest than like a tourist. You will get some insights in everyday life in the city and in the countryside, try out things yourself and have a unforgettable time.

Best season

  • May to September
  • Harvesting of Bulgarian roses: end of May until beginning of July
  • Special holidays: Bulgarian Orthodox Easter depending on the calendar (Julian calendar, the date can be the same like European Easter or several weeks later).
  • Various local holidays and festivals during the whole year.
Bulgaria: Highlights
Spend a day with a farmer on a local organic farm and find out, how agriculture is done in Bulgaria and what challenges lay ahead.
Discover the history of Sofia in a playful way. Follow different hints and get into places where normal tourists would go.
Collect yourself the leaves of the famous Bulgarian roses and learn how to process them in one of the most expensive oil in the world.
Visit local non gouvernemental organisations and spend one day with them in order to understand what services the provide and for whom.
Visit the beautiful nature in a remote village in the Bulgarian mountains and learn about the people’s daily challenges.
Learn to prepare typical Bulgarian dishes and handicrafts. Try out yourself or simply watch and enjoy.
Bulgaria: Trips

Group trips
Inside Travel offers group trips for groups from around 6 to 12 people. Group trips are usually accompanied by a representative of Inside Travel in Switzerland.
Next group trips:

Individual trips
If you prefer to travel on your own rhythm or with people you already know, you have the possibility to put together your own trip. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for, so that we can put together a tailor made trip for you.

Preparation: Contrary to our more distant destinations, Bulgaria does not need a special preparation when it comes to medical issues or questions of security. Nevertheless we recommend that you prepare yourself a bit and already get some ideas of the country in advance. This will help you to take the most out of the encounters you will have with our hosts.  We will help you step by step to prepare your trip with written material but also more personalized advice through email, on the phone or in a personal meeting (especially for group trips).
Flight: You can book your flight through our partner in Bulgaria and enjoy all advantages of support of a travel agency. However, if you are looking for the cheapest offers, you can also book the flight yourself on one of the internet platforms and just let us organise your trip from Sofia Airport in Bulgaria.
Packing: We will help you with putting together everything you need in your luggage depending on the nature of you trip and the season in which you travel.


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